Before buying, it’s important to choose the appropriate size. Remember that the wrap size will depend on a babywearer, not the child.

You have to remember that in case of woven wraps some carries will need more or less wrap fabric. For example, the Kangaroo carry needs less, while Front Wrap Cross Carry needs more material.

If you want a more universal wrap, select a slightly bigger size. It will allow you to use more carries. Don't make it too big as it may have longer tails which can be troublesome in everyday use.

The presented wraps are available in 6 wrap sizes to choose from in the below table:

Which one is best for me?

Size 2 (XS - 3.2 m) ideal for petit person as well as children who want to use it for fun e.g. carrying soft toys
Size 3 - (S - 3.6 m) is suitable for kangaroo carry
Size 4 - (M- 4.2 m) universal sling that can perfectly go with a short person
Size 5 – (L- 4.6 m) is perfect for average built person wearing clothes up to size 44
Size 6 – (XL - - 5.2 m) is perfect for person wearing size bigger than 44 and also for person over 178cm tall. Worn by men as well
Size 7 - (XXL- 5.8 m) is perfect for fancy finishes and typically for men

After the purchase, please remember to wash it first in accordance with the label. The wrap can shrink a bit during first wash 6-9%.