The most famous and popular weaves are plain and twill weave. Plain weave is a two-way weave, due to the balance of warp and weft threads making the fabric look identical on both sides.

The fabric does not stretch nor stretch out, it's rigid, perfect for sheets, pillowcases and cloths, but in no way does it apply for wearing babies. That’s all for now in this topic and there will be more to read in the "Allegro cheap wraps" article. Let's focus on basic twill weave and some similar ones: herringbone, serge, foulard, sharkskin, broken twill (known as the cross twill weave).

The most popular weave in woven wraps is the cross-twill weave. The diagonal pattern makes the wrap fit perfectly and interact with the child's body, underlining the curves rather than enforcing them. The weave allows for diagonal moves, which keeps its shape during prolonged wearing. This makes it easier to carry and tighten the wrap, which adapts to the shape of both the child and the wearer, keeping stiff, not needing retightening nor rewrapping during walks. With proper carrying and tightening, the child doesn’t feel any tightness, but comfort, which wraps its body almost like in mother's womb.

The cross twill weave is extremely durable. For example, broken twill wraps can withstand several hundred kilos, plain weave, however, can only tolerate several dozen kilos.

Broken twill wraps are weaved by using a special yarn, dyed before weaving to make it double-sided, so the colors last longer. Thanks to it, the wrap looks like new after a long time and later it can be sold out for a good price when it's not needed. It is the most popular weave used in manufacturing woven wraps. Excellent choice :)

Diamond weave, the same as herringbone, is a derivative of twill. It is characterized by rhomboidal pattern being created on the fabric surface.

The weave is very durable and fits the body of a child perfectly, which makes it a very good material as well as elegant and pretty at the same time.

Various combinations of weaves make it possible to obtain a variety of designs including jacquard.

Apart from the fact that, jacquard weave is strong enough to "carry an elephant", it is incredibly beautiful. It allows you to combine different-colored patterns (not in form of an imprint on the fabric). It may be an embroidery, nature, fairy tale heroes and many others. In short, any "babywearing-freak" will be pleased by a wrap like that.

Jacquard wraps are pleasant to the touch and popular, feasting one’s eyes by beautiful designs. This is perhaps the second most common wrap material after the cross twill.