Many of you often hears about a Sling Advisor. Majority of people hearing it thinks of a call-center consultant, gabbing about some household products or unknown cosmetics, determined to tie you down with his service or product, cashing in on you, putting the bite on you…

Why on earth would you need an advisor? Who is this person anyway? Why would you pay someone if you can do it by yourself? Well, most of you surely thinks that you can learn how to tie a sling from youtube videos, your friends or someone’s stories. But can you trust them with the decision of the correct and safe way to carry your baby?

The Sling Advisor – a person who has completed a baby carrying training, more often than not it includes woven slings and soft structure carriers. It’s the person who has been studying baby care for at least few days, who reminded herself or himself of anatomy, physiology and development rules of the little ones, their needs at each stage of life since birth. Everything serves the purpose of collecting the pieces of information together and creating the basis for learning the healthy baby development, slings importance and their meaning along with advantages and correct baby position when in a sling, while taking into account specialists’ opinions. Every child is different and has different needs.

Sling Advisor – who is it?

This person, after endless training exercises, has felt on herself or himself how a baby should be carried by a mother, how close to parent’s body the baby should be, what leg position and knee bend is safe. The training empowered such person to understand and feel the correct baby position, well tightened sling and to see it even with eyes closed. Yes, the Sling Advisor can tie a sling with eyes closed!
Before even attempting to teach someone, the Advisor had to feel like a mother with a baby in a sling.

Sling Advisor feels…

Many Sling Advisors to be admit during the training that they had never thought before how close to mother a baby needs to be. It didn’t occur to them how essential is tightening a sling even when it comes to a few centimeters, how much the tightening level and any sling movement influences the position and comfort of a baby, even baby’s development. No internet video, no friend (unless it’s the Sling Advisor:) can pass this kind of knowledge on you. The only good teacher are arms of skillful Advisor and his or her experienced eye catching even the slightest detail, correcting you, helping you, guiding and teaching you.
The Sling Advisor knows and ensures you that when a sling is appropriately tied and tightened, it’s impossible for a baby to fall out of it. The Advisor knows that a sling can help and calm a baby down during baby colic, teething and several illnesses. He or she knows that a sling not only frees parent’s hands, but in some cases a sling is a life-saver, enormous help, a must-have and a cure…
How does an Advisor teach?

The Advisor has learned it and can tell you why carrying is so important both for you and your baby, what are the advantages, indications and contraindications of slings.
You will be the first one to feel the natural, physiological body position and its influence on your body – the Advisor will tie a sling for you. Then he or she will tie a sling for a training doll and you will follow, tying sling on your training dolls. Next time you will be the one tying one, two or many slings for dolls. The number of dolls and exercises depends on you, your attitude and readiness. Finally, it will be high time to tie your dearest treasure – your baby. The Advisor will help you, without any rush since it can take up to 3 hours, in comfortable conditions – in your home. How many styles of tying a sling you will learn during such consultation – one, two or more – it depends on you, your cooperation with the Advisor, very often also on your baby’s mood. Although it can be only one tie, you can be sure it will be thoroughly exercised until even the slightest detail is seamless. If you follow everything what the Advisor tells you, you will tie a sling correctly. There won’t be anything you should worry about, your baby isn’t going to fall out!!!
Advisor’s knowledge = a heart given to you

Because you’ve had an Advisor who put into the consultation all his knowledge and heart. He or she will remember about you for a long time, ask you to send photos of sling ties done only by you – because the Advisor will care about you, your successful or failed tying attempts. And he or she will give you countless answers to questions appearing on the way, even months after your first consultation. For the Sling Advisor, each baby of yours is also his or her baby and your successful sling ties are his or her success as well.

The Sling Advisor is not an intrusive call-center consultant, this is a person born to care about parents and babies. Not out of the necessity but because of his or her own intention and willingness to help, support, develop and bring back to life an old tradition of carrying babies in slings. It’s the person, who has passed an exam and after that, has been in touch with other advisors. Each advisor has a trainer as well, who gives the Advisor necessary support. An Advisor shares acquired knowledge and experience with the trainer, as well as masters his or her qualifications.

Don’t be afraid to go to the Sling Advisor, do it, trust him or her and soon baby slings will become the greatest gift you can dream of… for pennies.