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Baby sling is a perfect solution for parents who have other duties during the day, besides taking care of their baby, and would like to fulfil them all, at the same time not neglecting their child.

Woven and Cotton Baby Slings

In our offer there are woven and cotton baby slings, adjusted to the needs of parents of newborns, infants and older children - both experienced ones, for whom tying is easy, and less advanced, for whom we are always happy to provide professional advice. We encourage you to check our Luna Dream store products - we made sure that our offer includes only the highest quality woven baby slings.

Types of Slings for Babywearing: 

Woven Baby Slings - For Children and Parents

Small children, especially infants, but not only, need the closeness of their parents. So called "skin-to-skin care" for newborns just seconds after they are born is already a standard. However, it is difficult to carry slightly larger children than newborns under a shirt. Especially during walks. In this case, it's worth to look for a reliable, preferably woven, sling, designed for comfortable carrying of the child. Child, because not only newborns and babies travel in such slings tied around the shoulders and torso of mom, dad or aunt. Slings for carrying a baby or an older child have to be tied well in the first place. There are many professional courses and various methods of tying such baby slings. However, before we learn how to tie them, we should learn about the specific character of baby slings. The best ones are, of course, made of natural fabrics, known for millennia as reliable and strong. Cotton slings were probably the predecessors of modern baby carriers, and like many items of everyday use, they have been coming back more or less since the beginning of the 21st - thanks to the growing trend of "slow life" and a return to nature

Woven Baby Slings in Harmony with Nature

A very fortunate coincidence and the ability to professionally weave materials such as cotton, used for our slings, inspired the creators of Luna Dream products to start this noble activity on a larger scale. Cotton, although it is usually the basis of composition of such a sling, is not the only kind of fabric from which these attractive and comfortable everyday slings are made. We also recommend cotton-linen, cotton-linen-bamboo or cashmere blend slings. All our cotton baby slings give you the comfort and security of being able to babywear even a bit older bundles of joy. You can choose from many different models of baby slings, so-called ring slings, as well as classic, long woven baby slings for babies and older children. You can also choose from various weave patterns. You can settle for a diamond, heart, jacquard or broken-twill weave. Luna Dream slings are also available in different weights per square meter. However, these differences are not so noticeable while babywearing, that's why don't have to make a purchase based only on that aspect

Cotton Slings For Babywearing or Dollwearing

Children love to imitate adults. They are happy to play in various competitions, or - just to play with mom. Hence the everlasting popularity of dolls, especially "baby dolls". With "little moms" in mind, we have also created a series of small slings for carrying dolls. Perfect for a gift for an older child. These are miniatures of real, large slings. Made with the same technique and fabrics. Children can carry dolls or their favorite mascots in them.