In recent years the babywearing wraps have gain more and more popularity. This is mostly influenced by the test results, which clearly show that babies carried in wraps are calmer, cry less and develop better. Carrying a baby creates an extremely strong bond between the parent and the child, which ensures proper emotional development.

A list of the most important benefits for your baby below:

1. Bond
Babies worn in a wrap can develop better in terms of emotions. They feel safe and gain confidence to their parents faster. Additionally, babywearing allows you to see the current needs of the child, which provides greater comfort in everyday life.

2. Development
Wrapping makes your little ones cry less and stay calmer. Babies can still observe things happening around the adult life, so they learn the principles of behaviour. This provides a much better development in both mental and physical terms.

3. Easier way to adjust for new-borns
After birth, the world for the new-born is completely new. The baby feels lost as everything is different than it was before. The wrap provides perfect conditions somewhat similar to those in the womb, so it's easier to adjust to the new environment. The child also feels the heartbeat of an adult, which further affects its behaviour while carrying.

4. Baby colic relief
At some point, parents have to face the problem of baby colic. It's sometimes hard to help our child. The ideal solution is babywearing, which provides a belly massage and keeps the baby warm, giving antispasmodic effect and supporting the digestive system. The child feels better and it's much easier for the baby to go through these hard times.

Babywearing is not only beneficial for the child, but also for the parent by giving comfort in daily life. Key benefits for parents are listed below:

1. Hands-free
Thanks to the wrap, we keep our hands free. We can perform most of the daily activities without worrying about the baby.

2. Healthy back and shoulders
Our wraps are designed to distribute weight evenly on the shoulders, back and abdomen, so the babywearer may feel that the baby is much lighter. As a result, we can go for a long walk or shopping without a problem.

3. Time arrangements
In the first weeks, the new-born mostly sleeps and the remaining time is spent on the hands of a parent. Babywearing allows us to combine these two elements, to organize our time best. By wrapping you can easily go to a place where even a baby-carriage can’t go e.g. to the beach or to the forest.

4. Greater childcare
They wrap gives us the opportunity to have our eyes on the baby all the time. We don't have to worry about a thing. Additionally, thanks to the greater closeness, we can learn the current needs of the baby faster. This helps us in daily interactions and in developing maternal instinct.

5. Fashion trends
Many customers are choosing the colour of the wrap, which matches their clothes. A large variety of available colours make us stand out from the crowd e.g. during family meetings or going out with friends.