Our offer includes long woven slings and ring slings, available in different weave types and weight. Below, we have prepared a short description of our slings and we hope it will help you decide, which one to choose.

Long woven sling

It’s one of the most often chosen sling type because of a variety of carry positions that are possible. It is a perfect sling for a baby, since the first days of life. Specially dedicated ties and carry types ensure the correct newborn position in a sling. Appropriately chosen sling guarantees comfort during carrying older children, heavier than 10 kg.

Before deciding on a sling, it is a good idea to consider the period we plan to use it, whether it’s a few months or the whole babywearing period.

In case of a newborn sling, you should take into account broken twill slings, of 220-230 g/m2 weight. They are comfortable for a child weighing 7-8 kg.

For heavier children, you should think about a jacquard sling with higher weight, or slings with linen and wool additives, which enhances fabric carrying capacity.

Slings manufactured by us are made of 100% combed cotton, soft and mellow to the touch since the first use. They don’t require special breaking process. If a parent looks for a sling for the whole babywearing period, a jacquard sling is the best choice.

Information on the correct sling length choice is available here.

Ring sling

This type of sling is usually available in 2.1m size. Apart from the length, it is also different from a long sling in terms of tying methods. Ring sling has a pair of rings on its one end, in order to tie it, you should put the material through the rings. This kind of sling allows very quick tying, which is a brilliant solution with older children, who are not eager to sit still for a long time.

Ring sling has some limitations, e.g. baby’s weight is not symmetrically distributed on our spine. You should remember, that long babywearing in such sling is less comfortable than in a long sling.

Types of ties for long and ring slings are described here.