2- or 3-year-olds are not babies any more, they need less closeness than infants and they definitely prefer to walk on their own legs than be tightly cuddled in a sling. However, it doesn’t mean the babywearing period ended, because older children also get tired and ask parents to carry them. A sling or carrier is still indispensable during the vacation time, hiking in the mountains or having a long family walk.

For older children, we recommend toddler-sized carriers or long woven slings made of heavier fabrics, as well as ring slings.

Toddler carriers. They are suitable for parents, who didn’t carry their babies since the beginning, because tying an older child can be quite a challenge. In such case, we recommend a carriers, they’re easy to wear, so both mums and dads happily order them. Children can be carried both in front of and back to a parent. For older children, toddler-sized carriers are the most suitable, they have thick and soft straps and safe, attested buckles, so carrying even a 20kg child is comfortable.

Long woven sling. While choosing a sling for a baby, it’s a good idea to buy the one suitable for the whole babywearing period. It should be appropriate and soft for a newborn, as well as comfortable for an older child. The best are jacquard slings, they are soft from the first use and have reversed edges, which makes tying easier. Their weight starts from 280g/m2, it means they are heavier and thicker, so that an older child can be worn inside without a discomfort even during a longer wearing. Those, who have already had their first, lighter and thinner slings, and are looking for a sling for an older child, can choose slings with linen additives. Such slings are more stiff, but they also have larger carrying capacity. An additional advantage of a long woven sling is both front and back carry option. We all know, that older children love to observe the world and the ‘rucksack’ carry is perfect for that.

Ring sling. It’s the best solution for short trips, tying such sling is quick and easy, a tired baby can just hop inside anytime to catch a breath and rest. Older children like to change their mind, so after 15 minutes they may walk on their legs again or jump into a sling. A ring sling can be carried on a shoulder, ready when a child gets inside, it’s is enough to stretch it appropriately. For an older child, a jacquard sling is better, because it’s thicker, consisting in 100% cotton with linen additives. During babywearing in a ring sling, remember to often change your shoulders, in order to avoid putting excessive load on one shoulder only.