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Ergonomic Baby Carriers and Slings

The comfort of a child is increased by soft pads placed in the lower part of the carrier. Depending on the selected version, the carrier is available in a set with a detachable, snap-fastened hood, shoulder strap covers and a separate bag for storing the carrier. Each product comes with detailed user manual. All baby carriers are produced in Poland and made of our sling fabric, so the child touches the fabric that is safe and complies with the Oeko-tex Standard 100 certificate. The products available in our store have a two-year warranty. See also slings available in our offer. 

Fairytale Colourful Luna Dream Baby Carriers

Luna Dream offers a wide range of baby carriers for children and babies. Since we like natural and strong fabrics, these are the highest quality baby carriers, healthy and safe for the little ones. At the same time - we like to reach for innovative and more attractive designs, without giving up on classic, plain, single-colour models. As a family company, from the very beginning we wanted to provide reliable and safe products for everyday use, which are used by more than one member of the family. And that is how our slings and carriers were created.

Free Your Hands!

Performing a number of daily activities in the company of a small child can be tedious and troublesome. A baby needs closeness, and frequent carrying in arms literally excludes most home duties. Baby carriers free your hands allowing you to have much more freedom than usual. We remember about the needs - not only of the youngest. That's why we make ergonomic, reliable carriers made of cotton and other materials. All the materials we use are not only safe for babies, but also ensure comfort and good positioning against the body of the parent (or other person taking care of the child). Whether you love skin-to-skin cuddling with baby right on your chest, or you like backpacking - we can help you to choose the right Luna Dream carrier. Our carriers are designed to be worn both on the front and on the back, however the youngest babies for obvious reasons will prefer the first option. Babies love to cuddle up to the chest and listen to the heartbeat of the person carrying them. Older children, who already hold their heads steady, will be more likely to look around curiously over the caregiver's shoulder.

Beautiful and Practical Ergonomic Baby Carriers

Luna Dream carriers attract not only with the quality of manufacturing, but also with the variety of colors and patterns they come in. Everyone who likes plain, smooth fabrics in one color will make a choice relatively quickly. On the other hand, those who appreciate rich designs in various colors will probably have a hard time making up their minds. The carriers may be in geometrical patterns, but also with very specific and unique themes. Carriers with animals, such as sheep or colorful dinosaurs, will appeal to those who think that at this stage such animal themes are unique and extraordinary. Indeed - it is difficult to imagine such a pattern even on business clothes, and practically only during your childhood you can indulge yourself with colorful animals. In this case, this applies both to the child and the parents. However, those who appreciate a less "childish" design in an obvious way, can be tempted, for example, by those in colorful check, Indian patterns or with folk themes.

Types of Baby Carriers:

•    Standard Ergonomic Carrier
•    Adjustable Grow-Up Carrier
•    Adjustable Multi Size Carrier
•    Accessories for Baby Carriers